Youth Outreach

Since 1982, the ASAC has worked together with the Alaska Department of Education to visit schools and empower educators to bring the importance of safety directly to our youth in a variety of programs.

Each year in conjunction with the Governor’s Safety and Health Conference considerable effort is being made to bring top-level speakers into the schools to present and work with the kids. Topics vary from situational awareness and caring, to traffic and bicycle safety and visibility on the road and sidewalks in the dark days of Alaska’s long winters.

Service High School – Assembly with Mike Rayburn – ‘What If?’ – Choosing to Make a Difference

Schools in this outreach year: Polaris K-5 and 6-12; Service HS

    • High Schools and Middle Schools
      • Assembly Sessions – Conference Keynotes tied to a message for High Schools and Middle Schools – Leadership development workshops with the youth were held in the past.
        • (Speakers we’ve had: Houston Kraft; Kevin Snyder; Mike Rayburn and Mark Scharenbrioch)
      • Reflections of Innovation – the ASAC works with schools to bring the work of high schoolers on innovations in the field of health and safety to showcase at the annual conference.
      • Safety Presentation – Showcase the field of safety – request a safety professional for a presentation

    • Elementary Schools
      • Youth Poster Contest – “Safety on the Job”
      • Youth Safety Presentation – Schools can reach out to the ASAC to request an age-appropriate talk on safety to the youth
      • Cube Challenge – a foam cube – holding 3 different challenges regarding safety – challenge submittals are showcased at the next Governor’s Safety and Health Conference
      Youth Safety Presentation – O’Malley Elementary

      The Cube Challenge

      Schools / Classes / Individuals, can choose to take up the Challenge – Questions are posed on the sides of the cube

        Challenge A: Why is Safety none of these things: Understood; Alone; Silent; Negotiable; Boastful; Complacent?
        Challenge B: Safety on the Job – What does it look like? and/or Where would you find it?

        Challenge C: What does Safety mean to You?