Alaska Safety Advisory Council

Increasing safety and health in the State of Alaska


The Alaska Safety Advisory Council works in cooperation with official and unofficial organizations and instrumentalities […]


Each year, the Alaska Safety Advisory Council hosts The Alaska Governor’s Award of Excellence Ceremony […]


The Alaska Safety Advisory Council has been involved in many initiatives over the years. Currently, […]


Who is the Alaska Safety Advisory Council?

The Alaska Safety Advisory Council is a group of 14 individuals appointed by the Governor of the State of Alaska.

The Council works in cooperation with official and unofficial organizations, individuals and groups in efforts toward reducing accidental death and injuries and promoting safety, health and wellness for all Alaskans.

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Who We Are

The Alaska Safety Advisory Council’s Mission:  “The Alaska Safety Advisory Council, in order to increase […]

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Council Members

The Alaska Safety Advisory Council has 14 individual Governor appointed members. They serve 2-year terms […]

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Help Equip a First Responder!

Your Chance to Make A Difference!


Please consider supporting an Alaska first responder through our donor site below to provide them with a re-useable ENVO respirator and 25 sealed, N-95 filters.

Supporters will receive a receipt for the amount contributed, along with a thank you letter and their names / company added to the supporters list on the website. We’ll keep the website updated with letters we receive from those departments / personnel receiving protective gear.
ALL monies collected will go to this effort of providing gear to the First Responders of Alaska.