About SB835,ASAC and the annual AKGSHC

The first Governor’s Safety and Health Conference was held in 1977

History from House Journal Supplement, April 2, 1982

In 1977 Commissioner Edmund Orbeck asked a group of industry leaders to organize a Governor’s Safety Conference.  Mr. Vern Smith of 3M Company and Mr. Richard Pittenger of the Alaska Associated General Contractors were instrumental in organizing a committee of industry and labor leaders to work with the departments of Labor and Transportation and Public Facilities to hold the first conference in 1977.  Conferences were also held in 1978 and 1979.  Legislation to form an Alaska Safety Advisory Council was first introduced in 1972.

In 1986 SB 835 gave the ASAC a permanent place in State Law and also affirmed the AKGSHC and gave the Council a mandate to organize this as an annual event from then on forward.

Text of SB835

The full scanned document can be found here

Sec. 18.60.835. DUTIES OF THE COUNCIL.

The Alaska Safety Advisory Council shall (1) work in cooperation with official and unofficial organizations and instrumentalities in the state that are interested in promotion of safety so that possible resources can be marshalled and used to reduce the menace of accidental death and injury;

(2) coordinate with and make recommendations to (A) the Department of Labor;

(B) the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities;

(C) the Department of Public Safety;

(D) the Department of Education;

(E) the Department of Natural Resources;

(F) the Department of Health and Social Services; and (G) heads or representatives of federal departments and agencies operating in the state that are particularly concerned with safety programs and accident prevention;

(3) make recommendations to the governor and the legislature on the achievement of a coordinated state policy and program for the safety and health of residents of the state;

(4) organize and hold an annual governor’s safety conference to bring together citizens interested in safety and health matters.

* The Conference is generally held in the month of April. Check for the latest conference here