This Year’s AK GSHC, sadly had to be cancelled – Join us again next year

Alaska’s first Governor’s Safety & Health conference was held in 1977. Following this important event the Alaska Safety Advisory Council (ASAC) was written into Alaska State law in 1982. As one of its responsibilities listed in the bill, HB835, it states that the ASAC is to “organize and hold an annual governor’s safety conference to bring together citizens interested in safety and health matters”.


Over the years, this conference has grown to a two-day event. Today it is the only State-wide safety and health conference that focuses on exceeding our frontline industry’s educational and informational safety and health needs.

Every year speakers and exhibitors from a wide variety of occupations combined with State and Federal agencies bring us first hand all the latest information on regulations, challenges, trends, and new products on the market.

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Governor's Safety and Health Conference